alan-Diamond/Over the Clouds

2010年 2月 3日

Makeup looks pretty. Hair looks not so pretty. Dress looks badly photoshopped. And white background is very sterile and lame. No like much. God damn alan wear a kimono again! Also… where’s the fancy script of alan’s name ;_;

Ok so like many of you I was tentative about alan’s new release after the debacle that was My Life. Diamond borrows the same melody as the craptastic song from said album, Essence of Me. While I thought Essence was the biggest piece of crap I had ever heard from alan, Diamond treats the melody much better. The beginning of the song is sooo alan IMO (and a little Ayu..). The bells and piano create a wintery atmosphere similar to songs like Ashita he no Sanka. After about a minute or so the pace changes and this is where the song gets Ayumi-fied. Upbeat drums and alan singing “la la la” and stuff is so veerrrry Ayumi Hamasaki. I think the new style works for this song, but I really don’t want alan becoming another Ayu.

Personally I preferred Over the Clouds to the first A-side. The song has a game tie-in, so the music is very ominous. We hear a mysterious harp solo in the beginning, but that is substituted for more game like music. I do not like what they did to alan’s voice. Why put stuff like autotune/vocoder on someone with such a fantastic voice. Judging by the way the voice distortion was use it seems like they were trying to imitate alan’s ethnic style of singing. I looovve the strings in the background. To me this song has the same mood as Yuna Ito’s song I’m Here. The chorus is much more alan style too. alan can take something like static electronic music and give it life, which is not easy to do. The ending of this song is my favorite part with alan murmuring in the background.

Overall: While we’ve moved away from the crap in My Life we’re still not back to alan’s usual style. I liked this songs, but I’m wary of her style being transformed into Ayu’s. At least this stuff is more innovative. It’s not Kuon no Kawa, but it’s a hell of a step up from her more recent singles.

Rating: 8.5/10

Track list:

  1. Diamond
  2. Over the clouds
  3. Diamond (Instrumental)
  4. Over the clouds (Instrumental)

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