Tohoshinki- BREAK OUT!

2010年 1月 26日

I wasn’t amazed by either cover, but the shattered rock kind of looks like rose petals.

I have been addicted to BREAK OUT! since it was first released. The song opts for a dark mood, employing various elements of electronic music. The lyrics are catchy, so the song is fun to sing. Given the quick pace this song also works for dance music. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the PV for the song because it’s much different than anything TVXQ usually does. It has a haunted house/avant garde theme.

Next we have a bit of an experimental track with Xiah/Junsu’s with XIAHTIC (Xiah+Mirotic). The song heavily relies on deep strings (like double bass) strumming in the background and electronics. Xiah has one of my favorite male-singer voices, so I was glad to hear a solo. The basses strum constantly throughout the song, but they are occasionally accompanied by violins or synth.

BREAK OUT! -NewJack Mix- was an interesting take on the a-side. Personally there was too much R&B synth in it for my liking. It might have been more natural had they used real instruments. At least it was more inventive than the relaxed mix of Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou xD.

Overall: Best single of the era! I was really happy with this.

Rating: 9/10

Track List:

  2. XIAHTIC (JUNSU from Tohoshinki)
  3. BREAK OUT! -New Jack Swing mix- (CD Only)
  4. BREAK OUT! (Less Vocal)
  5. XIAHTIC (Less Vocal)

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