Mika Nakashima- Always

2010年 1月 22日

This cover is kind of “meh” for me. Her hair cut isn’t too flattering IMO.

ALWAYS is a traditional Mika Nakashima ballad. Many traditional elements, like piano and strings, are involved. She actually incorporates a sitar (an instrument also present in the next song). Mika’s vocals are on par as usually, and that’s what makes the song shine. This song is a much better A-side than Candy Girl.

Now in accordance with songs like Love Addict we have BABY BABY BABY. This song kind of leads from the A-side because it also features sitar. I wasn’t too much of a fan of this song mostly because I found the chorus annoying. I didn’t get the right feel from this song.

Fortunately, we end the single with my favorite song, Spiral. Spiral takes a lead from songs like Smiley and Overload. This song is very modern and plays off of electronic themes. Mika keeps this song from becoming static because of her shining vocals. The ending instrumentals of the song are very energetic as well

Overall: Mostly average work here IMO. Spiral should have been the A-side, BABY BABY BABY should have been nixed from the single. As for ALWAYS, I feel like I’ve heard her sing this before.

Rating: 7/10

Track list:

  3. Spiral
  4. ALWAYS (inst)
  5. BABY BABY BABY (inst)
  6. Spiral (inst)

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