2010年 1月 17日


Daaa YUI looks so pretty here! Mm and her jacket looks so warm ._.

Truth be told I wasn’t excited for GLORIA. I thought it would be some light-hearted guitar mix unsuited for the season. Fortunately I love this song. It takes assumes the rule of a melancholy yet up-beat pop song. Lots of acoustic and piano in the background. The verses are fine, but it’s the chorus that makes this song so amazing. I love YUI’s repeating of syllables in the words (cry-y-y-y etc). Short but powerful song. This song is totally infectious and a new style for YUI. This song is an example of an artist branching out while sticking to her roots.

I was expecting muffler to be a heavier rock song (honestly I was thinking JASMINE’s Clubbin’). Well I was totally off with that one. Muffler is a slow paced acoustic song. Honestly this song was great because it reminded me of her older work (Spiral and Escape, Tomorrow’s Way, Simply White).

No YUI single is complete without an acoustic version of the previous single. I wasn’t too much a fan of It’s all too much, but the acoustic version is actually better than the original. I think acoustic guitar better captures the Spanish sound and wandering atmosphere of the song. The simplicity of the instrumentals makes this song more enjoyable.

Overall: A huuuuge step from her past single. I really can’t think of anything I’d want to change besides giving muffler a more appropriate title.

Rating: 9.9/10 (I couldn’t give two 10/10s in a row so I’m docking points for the whole muffler thing).

Track list:

  2. muffler
  3. It’s all too much ~YUI acoustic version~
  4. GLORIA ~instrumental~

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