Ayumi Hamasaki- You were…/BALLAD

2010年 1月 11日

Pretty cover… I don’t know what else I should say about it =/

Daaa as you’ve probably heard by now, You were… is more of a traditional winter ballad. It bears a number of similarities to her winter ballad of ’08, Days. We have all traditional ballad influences present: strings, piano, and a good solid beat. Although not especially unconventional, You were… is still beautifully orchestrated.

I think Avex made a mistake. Why isn’t alan singing this song?!?!! Alright anyway, BALLAD is a remarkable piece of work. It heavily relies on Chinese instruments and melodies to structure the song. This song screams alan, so why isn’t she singing this. I didn’t think Ayu would be able to pull of these kinds of vocals, but her tone and vibrato perfectly suit this song. Who says Ayu isn’t versatile? BALLAD is epic!

Next up we have RED LINE ~for TA~, whatever the hell that means. Guitars open the song up with a melody that follows through the entire song. This seems like a song Ayu would have done in her earlier years. A nice song, but not outstanding.

The music box version of You were… is a sweet mix of the original song. It makes the song even more wintery ^_^

Lastly, what would an Ayu release be without an orchestration version of a previous release? The strings version of Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ is a beautiful arrangement. The intro kind of reminds me of a scene from the 1920s or something. The verses are quiet and serene. The chorus has an angelic feel to it. I personally enjoyed the original songs, but even if you didn’t you might just like the orchestra version.

Overall: An excellent release from Ayu, I only have a few minor critiques. Check out BALLAD!!

Rating: 9.5/10

Track list:

  1. You Were…
  3. RED LINE ~For TA~
  4. You Were… (Music Box)
  5. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (Orchestra version)
  6. You Were… (instrumental)
  7. BALLAD (instrumental)
  8. RED LINE ~for TA~ (instrumental)

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