Poll Results: Most Anticlimactic

2010年 1月 2日

The question was: What was the most anticlimactic release of 2009?
The answers were pretty varied, but alan’s “My Life” clearly came in first with 35% of the votes. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it… Voice of Earth was just sooo great we were expecting a lot from the Tibetan songstress.

Here are the rest of the results:
“This is the One” -Utada Hikaru (25%)
“Lick Me” -Koda Kumi (15%)
“I KILL MY HEART” (aka “I kill my music career/dignity/any number of puns I’ve seen)- Tommy Heavenly6 (10%)
“Sunrise/Sunset”- Ayumi Hamasaki (10%)
Other (5%)
“BoA”- BoA (0%)

In truth I thought BoA’s U.S. album was by far her worst release. It screamed “Goodbye Asia, hello mainstream shit anyone else can do.” Whatever… to each his own.

Don’t forget to vote in the new poll =]

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