Miho Fukuhara- Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou

2009年 12月 9日

Uhh I wasn’t really a fan of either cover for this single… reminds meof the ’80s @_@

So basically this is one of the best singles of 2009 IMO. Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou shows Miho doing a “funky” sound… and she’s probably the only person that can make this work. Her vocals are on par; it’s amazing how strong her voice is. She owns this song… everything from the uplifting verses to the sassy chorus, Miho hits every note. This song is incredibly infectious… especially during the chorus when they layer Miho’s vocals. In terms of instrumentals the song is a far cry from the acoustic LET IT OUT. This song uses everything from strings to a very prominent brass section to give the song its energy. Extremely well done.

Next we have something completely different. Cry No More is a phenomenal ballad. It begins with Miho singing a capella… we don’t get instrumentals until about a minute into the song. Once we add instruments all we have are piano and cello, nothing else. The acoustic nakedness makes the song that much more peaceful. This song is entirely in English… and Miho has some of the best English I’ve ever heard. She has no accent with the exception of making the whole l/r mistake (e.g. “wirr” for “will”). This song is heartbreaking, and it’s the best ballad I’ve ever heard from Miho.

Next we have HAPPY XMAS (War is Over), a cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s duet. I can’t really comment on this cover because I’m not familiar with the original version, and I have no intention of listening to it (sorry… but I still blame Yoko Ono for breaking up the Beatles). All we did here is replace Yoko Ono with Miho Fukuhara.

Lastly we have Nande Nakitaku Naccchaun Darou (NANDE ANOTHER MIX). It’s another version of the title track with more emphasis on the dance instrumentals. Miho’s vocals are less pronounced, but truly this track doesn’t differ too much from the original track.

Overall: Miho’s strongest single to date. We have a stunning ballad and a hot dance track… versatile much?

Rating: 9.5/10

Track List:

  1. Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou
  2. Cry No More
  3. HAPPY XMAS (War Is Over)
  4. Nande Nakitaku Nacchaun Darou (NANDE ANOTHER MIX)

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