[Single] D – Day by Day

2009年 12月 8日

So, this is D’s newest single… I don’t know what they’ve been going for lately, but I prefer their older works. This cover is kind of weird, but i guess it makes sense. Transition from fall to winter with a clock in the middle.

The first song, Day by Day, really surprised me… Right off, they sing “Day by day!” right in your face. Very upbeat happy-making song. I think that the guitars and everything sound great! Not quite their usual style though. They like heavy guitars and a more neutral sound.. not happy but not sad or angry. The lyrics “Day by day” are sung throughout the song. I watched the PV and it’s actually a pretty nice one. They show them setting up and ASAGI writing the lyrics to the song. I always like watching bands play.

Ayakashitan is closer to their normal sound. It’s a pretty heavy song in the beginning and has some guitar solo that pierces through. There are a few backround voices which answer ASAGI when he does some staccato notes. The answer sounds kind of like something in a movie… They also employed this technique in Colosso on their last album.

Stinger~Iwarenaki seinen~, is a pretty active song. It starts off bass heavy and then goes into D’s normal sound. Personally, I don’t see anything special in it. But it’s an okay song.

The last song in the single, Kimi ga miru yume no naka, is a softer song. I know that it’s kind of strange to say that when they use distorted guitars, but the lay off a lot and use them mostly for rhythm. About 1/3 into the song, they have a short section which reminds me of Versailles’ style, but that quickly resolves back into their theme.
Overall: This single has been rather average. D hasn’t been putting out anything that has caught my attention (that i enjoyed) for a while.

Rating: 6.5/10

1.) Day by Day
2.) Ayakashitan 妖奇譚(あやかしきたん)
3.) Stinger~Iwarenaki seinen~ Stinger~謂われなき情念~
4.) Kimi ga miru yume no naka 君が見る夢の中
5.) Day by Day (Instrumental)


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