[Single] Dir en grey – Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karashitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami

2009年 12月 4日

ALW: I love this cover a lot… red and black is sexy, and fits the mood of the song. Plus, this is the only time I can recall in recent memory that they’ve been on the cover. I love when jrock bands feature themselves once in a while!

KWZ: Yes yes, sexy is good! However, I think that the cover also is great because they have tended to go for a darker and heavier sound lately. Traditionally they aren’t on covers, like Aoliwa said, I have never seen them on one. I really like their new styles too!

ALW: Alright this is a long freaking title, so we’re just going to refer to it as Hageshisa. This song is just hardcore and sexy. I could definitely see this on their previous album UROBOROS. New style era for Diru maybe? This has one of my favorite choruses I’ve ever heard from Diru. Basically the song title is the chorus. Kyo does this thing with is voice where slides his voice up a number of pitches (glissando if you want to be specific). We have some great counterpoint in the chorus as well. The verses are typical for Diru’s harder songs… i.e. forget about trying to understand anything Kyo says xD. He has the most versatile voice in jrock and it shows. The guitar riffs of this song are fantastic as well. In the bridge we get some ethnic chanting from Kyo… this song is the sex.

KWZ: As expected, Dir en grey does great work! This is their newest release since UROBOROS, and I have been looking forward to it for a long time! Anyway, Hageshisa is very heavy and like Aoliwa, I love the glissando in the chorus. After a short intro by drums, guitars follow and Kyo comes in with the chorus. This being a post-UROBOROS release, Kyo growls his lyics and includes some of his other techniques which we haven’t heard up until now. 2/3rds into the song the band stops and Kyo shows some pure emotion by angrily shouting. He is truly a master of evoking emotion.

ALW: I wasn’t really a fan of the original version of Zan (it’s a waaaay old Diru song). I like how they’re rehashing a lot of their old work though… showing that they don’t forget their roots. This is a nice heavy metal song and Shinya’s doing some crazy stuff on his drums. So fast! Given that this song is so hardcore it works well following Hageshi.

KWZ: Zan, is a redo of their old version. I think that it sounds a lot more put together. After doing some analysis, I have come up with quite a few differences (I like doing comparison work, it’s interesting.) First off, you’ll notice that instead of that weird intro with Kyo breathing and laughing insanely into the mic, the drums going on and creepy, dissonant guitar, they change that all into a simple growl with tremolo guitar and some crashes which quickly come together into the main melody which you also hear in the original. Also, they picked a higher key! Isn’t that cool to know? A big difference is their sound. The guitars are different tone than the original and they tend to sustain better. Also, you are able to hear the harmonies very clearly. In the original version, the band actually falls out of sync after the first verse. I think that either Kaoru was late because of playing syncopation, or Shinya was too fast… He plays fast the whole time, but speed isn’t everything. As I said before, they have been shooting for a darker and heavier sound lately, and they have achieved that. There is a lot more bass drums and Kyo opts for growling instead of that weird uncontrolled-sounding style of singing he did in the old days.

ALW: Now this is something different from Diru– a one shot take of one of my favorite songs, SYOKUBENI. Of course it’s not as refined as the original, but it’s the rawness that makes it special. Here you can really see how much Kyo’s voice as grown, because he’s got control over his pitch and vocals. He hits every note like he means. One major change is the lack of accordion during the bridge; Kyo just goes solo. The only thing I would change is some of the settings on the guitars because they sound a little too grunge for the song IMO.

KWZ: Since I went overboard for Zan I’ll keep this short. This one-shot-take of SYOKUBENI was awesome. It’s like you’re at a live… but not really xD. I think that the guitars are a bit too gritty. Kyo’s vocals are spot on. Just like a recording! He has gotten much much better at controlling his voice.

Overall: Diru awesomeness allover. Diru always delivers!

Rating: 9.5/10

1.) Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karami Tsuitai Shakunetsu no Yami (激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇)
2.) Zan (残)
3.) SYOKUBENI Shot in One Take (蝕紅 Shot In One Take)


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