Kana Nishino- Dear…/MAYBE

2009年 12月 2日

Aside from the fact that her expression looks a little bland *cough* stoned, this is actually a very pretty cover. I love the contrast between her white Russian inspired outfit and the dark starry sky behind her.

Kana is definitely on a role, Dear… is something I like to call an “upbeat ballad.” We have a lot of traditional ballad elements like strings and powerful choruses, but at a faster pace, and in this case R&B elements. Dear… gives the impression of a love song. For a song of this pace I thought it was a little on the longer side… but Kana keeps things interesting enough. I’ve also noticed that Kana’s vocals are stronger here… and she’s not messing too much with the upper vocal register.

MAYBE is an awesome track EXCEPT for the freaking autotune <______<. Come on, why ruin a great voice? MAYBE is a little deceiving because at the beginning because it appears as though we’re about to start another ballad. This song is quite the contrary! This is easily a dance track, but I’m hesitant to call it that because the instrumental variation gives it more depth than that. Kana’s vocals are under a form of vocal editing during the verses, but thankfully it’s not overdone. Technically the autotune is barely there… but when it is it sticks out like a sore thumb… a very large, swollen, sore thumb.

Yours Only features hip-hop bigwig WISE. It’s the slowest track on the single (until WISE comes in of course), and it reminds me of something from her most recent album, LOVE one. I disliked this song for the most part. Even though I applaud Kana for being able to work with so many big names, she’s strongest when she’s going solo. Just take out all male vocals and it’d be a solid song.

Overall: The A-sides are strong, as they should be, but WISE kills the last track. More Kana please!

Rating: 8/10

Track list:

1. Dear…
3. Yours only, feat.WISE ~maison de m-flo~

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