[Single] Plastic Tree – Sanatorium

2009年 11月 21日

Hello! Sorry I haven’t reviewed this earlier. I’ve been very busy with other things lately.

Anyway, Plastic Tree’s newest single, Sanatorium, is a great addition to their discography. It was released October 28, 2009.

The cover for this looks like something that you’d find in a church. Ryutaro looks like L from the anime/manga Death Note in the other versions of the cover. It’s actually pretty cool how he looks exactly like him!

Sanatorium starts out with a soft guitar intro before Ryutaro sings. He uses soft, breathy vocals throughout the song. His melodic line reminds me of their single, Replay/Dolly. But rather than having heavy guitar parts they stay calm and their harmonies produce a very soothing feeling. The bass lines are easy to hear and really add to the atmosphere that the rest of the band is making. This song was just awesome and is very pleasing to the ears.

The B side of this single was Pied Piper. It starts off with an electric guitar pumping out chords and quickly becomes more complex as the rest of the band enters. It’s strange but although Ryutaro uses a pretty soft style of singing, it fits perfectly with the rest of the music. Pied Piper is a straightforward song and is a nice song to start the day off with! Relaxed, but always moving. Great job, Plastic Tree!

Rating: 9/10

Track List

1.)    Sanatorium

2.)    Pied Piper

3.)    Sanatorium (Instrumental)

4.)    Pied Piper (Instrumental)


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