Lil’B- Tsunaida Te

2009年 11月 20日

Pretty cover… but I only see 1/2 of the hip-pop duo ;_;

Tsunaida Te is the 3rd ending song to the popular anime, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Lil’B does a great job at creating a sentimental, yet hopeful, song. I’ve already posted the PV for the song, here. Although Lil’B is classified as a hip-hop duo, Tsunaida Te has a much more pop feel because it uses a delicate melody, strings, and guitars. This song is addicting as hell and it’s my latest obsession.

The first B-side, Last Letter, is a bit more hip-hop than the previous track, but still very tasteful. The poignant melody meshes perfectly with AILA’s rapping, and MIE’s voice rings during the chorus.

Continuing with an sad R&B vibe, we have Kiss (One More Kiss Mix). I love how this song employs a subtle harmony with piano in the background. AILA’s rapping is much slower in this song.

As a side note, I recommend listening to the instrumental version of Tsunaida Te. This song completely blew my mind and it helps to listen to the instrumental to fully appreciate the orchestration of the song.

Overall: This is the best R&B single I have heard all year.  This single shows that despite their “hip-hop” genre, Lil’B is an incredibly versatile duo. They’re pop, hip-hop, R&B, and kick-ass. Excellent job Lil’B!

Rating: 9.5/10

Track List:

1. Tsunaida Te
2. Last Letter
3. KISS ( one more kiss mix )
4. Tsunaida Te ( TV version )
5. Tsunaida Te ( karaoke )


One comment

  1. Nozomi makes a big difference to the video coz she’s an angel!

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