Shinya’s blog post

2009年 11月 18日

hahaha so Shinya (drummer) made this great blog post before the concert in Chicago (the one KWZ and I attended)

my comments: I can’t believe he ate food from that sketchy place across from the Metro *_*

Oh… and P.S. shinya… my dad used to do those exercises and he had cancer… suck it up =p

source: DEG’s myspace.

November 16, 2009 – Monday


DEG / Blog 7 (Shinya)
Category: Blogging

We are in Chicago today and I ate hot dog for lunch.


I am always bored before Soundcheck.
So, I decided to do some ab exercise today too.
It is difficult and hard to do it without touching my knees to the floor.

It is colder than New York outside. And the fans in line look cold too.
I hope all the fans, band members and crew don’t catch a cold!!!
There is no way I will catch a cold because I exercise everyday!
Sayonara…hot dog…

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