Yuna Ito- Let it Go

2009年 11月 14日

I think this is a pretty cover (much better than the regular edition cover). I think she’s made prettier ones before though ._.

Okay… so this is the first single from Yuna Ito since her Dream album. Let it Go has an acoustic vibe to it, similar to the one in Mahaloha (just look at the PV). I’m not quite sure what to think of the melody right now. One blogger called it “Western,” but I disagree with that. Although it’s not a distinct Asian melody I definitely wouldn’t say it’s completely Western. Hybrid? The chorus is definitely the highlight of the single. It combines acoustic guitar, strings, and Yuna Ito’s glowing vocals. Very catchy song with a folksy vibe.

Alright.. now for the b-side, Happy Days. When I heard the title of the song my first instinct was to think of Ai Otsuka’s peppy song. Yuna’s song though is quite the opposite. Happy Days also sounds a bit different from Yuna Ito. It’s got a more pop vibe than the a-side, but it’s much slower and maintains use of the acoustic guitar. It’s a pretty song and its lyrics remind me of the ones from Journey. This is one of Yuna’s best b-sides in a long time. It’s a far cry from Brand New World.

Overall: It’s a different feeling from Yuna, but that’s in no way a bad thing! She’s slowed things down a bit, and in my opinion it’s a great way to start of a new era. Also, I’d recommend listening to the instrumentals… the orchestration for the single is well done.

Rating: 8.5/10

Track list:


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