Mika Nakashima- Nagareboshi

2009年 11月 14日

This would be such a beautiful cover if she weren’t wearing that hideous outfit. The top-half is ok, but that dress looks like a goddamn curtain.

Alright… I’m going to be the millionth person to say this… but this is another Orion. Fortunately, Mika’s voice is perfectly suited to ballads and slow songs. Nagareboshi is, however, an excellent song. It’s a soothing ballad that really does making you think about a falling star. I’m kind of surprised about how good this song is, considering she’s been releasing a lot lately (she’s already slated to release the single, Always in January).

Ok… b-side time. Here we have Memory (feat. DAISHI DANCE). I wasn’t exactly a fan of her previous collaboration with DD on her Sakura single…. I thought that the dance beat killed an otherwise gorgeous melody. Memory is a step above Sakura in my opinion. I think that after she released Overload she got the hang of working with more dance-oriented songs. I still believe that a song with as beautiful of a melody as Memory could do without the extra beats, but it’s not bad this time around. Memory is in English and I have to say that Mika’s English has gotten better over the years (as it should).

Overall: A solid single from Mika, but it’s in part because she’s “done it all” before.

Rating: 8/10

Track list:

2.Memory feat.DAISHIDANCE
3.Nagareboshi (Instrumental)
4.Memory feat.DAISHIDANCE (Instrumental)


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