alan- Swear

2009年 11月 14日

What’s with the white borders around all of alan’s new covers? This cover is ok… it fits the single (you’ll see what I mean in a minute). Just wait until you see the cover for her upcoming album, “My Life.” Now that’s stunning.

Don’t ask me wtf is wrong with Avex… releasing a single and an album in the same month? Come on… everyone knows that’s a dumb marketing move. Anyway, with a title like Swear I was fully expecting another ballad (hey… she could make every damn song a ballad and I’d be perfectly happy). Alas… Swear is a very typical song.. maybe not for alan, but for any other artist. I could see Koda Kumi doing this exact song. I love Koda Kumi… but alan should have her own distinct style. Swear is your typical happy-up-beat-strings song (think of Koda Kumi’s Koi no Tsubomi or Someday). Also, what’s with the weird background voices during the chorus? It’s definitely not a bad song at all… I really like it… but I have high standards for alan.

Yay now we have the b-side, Beauty. Beauty runs along the lines of her previous b-sides like Namida and Sakura Modern. She does these kinds of slow tempo songs extremely well. They’re eloquent and delicate, and they demonstrate the kind of control alan has over her voice. Of course it’s not strong enough to be an a-side, but in my opinion it’s a better song than Swear. I love the subtle Asian atmosphere in this song.

Overall: Swear could have been done by anyone, but it’s still an enjoyable song. Beauty is great, and it stands among her best b-sides to date.

Rating: 8/10

Track list:

1. Swear
2. Beauty
3. Swear (Instrumental)
4. Beauty (Instrumental)


One comment

  1. I think an even dumber move would be releasing 2 albums in the same year. Now THAT’S pushing it.

    btw, great review!! =)

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