2009年 11月 2日

I love this cover… it kinda has a modern fairy vibe for me. Yeah I know she’s  not wearing wings or anything, but just look at the ivy ;_; Anyway… it’s better than having her bra hanging out in the last one. I also think she looks older here… nice improvement, JAS!

So the first thing I thought of when I heard No More was that this was a sequel to her debut single, Sad to Say, and let me say that is a DAMN good thing. Of course, I don’t know officially if this a sequel, but there are a lot of hints in the two songs that indicate some sort of connectivity. For example, she uses similar pitch techniques (going up and down a lot) as in Sad to Say. Also, in Sad to Say, JAS says “Cry, cry cry,” numerous times throughout the song, and No More says “No more cry.” So basically, in my opinion No More is the happy ending to Sad to Say. It kind of reminds me of Koda Kumi’s Someday in her quartet of one-single-one-week deal a few years ago.

CLUBBIN’, the second A-side on the single, sounds like it should be a dance track. However, this song takes the direction of a rock track. I disliked this song for the most part… mostly because it reminded me of an American rock song from the ’80s. I have a deep hatred for Western rock music (if you think you can get away with a song riding on three basic chords then you’re out of your mind).  We do get a lot of JASMINE rapping. It’s different, but not bad.

Lastly we have What You Want? For the love of GOD JASMINE… stop making song titles using “street slang.” I am pretty sure you don’t speak like that on a normal basis <_<.  Anyway, the song itself isn’t that bad. It reminds me of a laid-back R&B track Utada Hikaru might have done earlier in her career (lol JASMINE even says “time limit” in her song). Not my favorite track… but I still think she can make a successful slow R&B track in the future.

Overall: No More is golden, but CLUBBIN’ drastically brings down the grade of the single. What You Want isn’t my favorite… but maybe I’ll catch onto it later.

Rating: 7/10

Track list:

1. No More
3.  what you want?

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