Kana Nishino- motto…

2009年 10月 29日

This is Kana’s 7th single. The ringtone has been available since October 14, and the actual CD was released October 21, 2009. The song debuted at the #1 spot on the RIAJ Digital Track Chart. –Wikipedia

This cover is fabulous, and it really makes a lot of connections to the PV. Kana is beautiful and classy… nice change from all of the artists that are trying the “sexy” thing right now *cough* JASMINE

I’d just like to say that I loved the title track, motto…. I have her album, LOVE one. which I enjoyed, but this is my first single from Kana. I thought motto… was crafted extremely well. Although Kana’s voice can get a little annoying sometimes (it’s soooo high), she still pulls this song off very well. Kana is the definition of classy, and both this song and PV prove it. The song uses piano to illustrate a kind of classical music motif throughout the song. Sometimes you want to stop and say “what genre am I listening to?” In this case that’s a GOOD thing.  At some points in the song Kana’s voice sounds almost exactly like BoA’s (except for without the nasal-iness). This is a great A-side, and I hold it up to Kana to continue releasing singles of this quality.

missing you is like the obligatory melancholy-R&B-track on the single. It’s a nice song, but it doesn’t exactly scream “originality.” It’s not to say I hate this song… in fact I like it. However, it lacks the “pizazz” of the A-side. At times it feels like the song drags a bit. Average.

Dear My Friends is my least favorite track on the single. It’s just bubblegum and happy and I’ve heard it before. Honestly, how many songs with that same title exist? The single would have been much stronger had this song not been included.

Overall: Motto… is amazing, but the b-sides are pretty average.

Rating: 8/10

Track list:

1. motto…

2. missing you

3. dear my friends


  1. Totally agree! Motto is just unreasonably catchy and addictive! But yes, the b-sides are nothing special.

  2. I agree, Motto… is an amazing piece of work, the B-sides are just a nice listen ^.^

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