[Single] the Gazette – Before I Decay

2009年 10月 13日

Hello! This is my first review ever so I hope that it is up to the standard that Aoliwa has set.

Before I Decay was released October 7, 2009. I had expected it to have a slower tempo such as in their single, Distress and Coma. This being their first release after the album DIM (which I thought was awesome), I had high hopes. When I first listened, I wasn’t quite satisfied with what they had done since it reminded me of songs from LEECH. Those being loud, heavy songs…. Anyway, I really like the background guitar part at 2:30. It really adds to what was going on and the changing intervals caught my attention. The bass lines have been prominent in the Gazette’s latest releases, but it works out great for them.

The B side is upbeat in comparison and Ruki doesn’t shout the lyrics.

Rating: 7/10

Track List:

Before I Decay – 3:44

Mayakashi – 4:06



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