[single]YUI- It’s All Too Much/Never Say Die

2009年 10月 10日

It’s All Too Much/Never Say Die is YUI’s  15th single, released on October 7, 2009.

I think the cover’s a little weird in my opinion… Looks like it’s taken in an awkwardly decorated hotel room. Not one of my favorite YUI covers… but at least it’s unique.

It’s All Too Much reminds me very much of songs from her second album, Can’t Buy My Love. Its intro is slightly reminiscent of songs like Umbrella and Ruido. I like YUI’s occasional homage to latino music. Personally though, after the release of Again It’s All Too Much seems a little anticlimactic. The chorus doesn’t wield the same kind of power as it should, even though it has a fine melody. The bridge is a little better though, since it adds some variety to the song. It begins with a guitar solo and eventually a YUI solo of the chorus. The strings are more pronounced her than in the rest of the song.

Never Say Die was the stronger song for me, personally. It’s pure fun… from the PV to the adorable chorus (“Baby, never mind, never say die.”) The song is on the short side, only 3:18 min, but it packs a lot of power. It’s a light-hearted rock song with an overall positive feel. In the PV it wavers between a soccer fight duel and an energy-filled YUI concert. During the concert portion of the PV the audience members are beating their fists in the air to the song, and quite frankly that’s exactly how this song makes you feel. Never Say Die was easily the stronger song.

I LOVE the acoustic version of Again. I generally love all of YUI’s acoustic versions though xD. Although it doesn’t have the same “fire” of the original, it’s more relaxing. It lacks the lyrics “I’m on my way,” probably because they use a type of voice editing that wouldn’t be suitable for an acoustic version. Overall… still amazing!

Overall: Both songs are enjoyable, but Never Say Die wins by a long-shot.

If you liked It’s All Too Much try: Ruido, Umbrella, Again

If you liked Never Say Die try: No Way, OH YEAH

Rating: 8/10


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